Hip Pain

Hip pain

Hip pain can be localised, present as groin pain or low back pain or can even cause thigh referral symptoms. Some can be mild and some can really affect the way someone moves and therefor their quality of life.

Hip pain is reasonably common in certain age groups and can be down to a variety of reasons which Meriel is trained to diagnose and manage. The most common types of hip problems Meriel sees is due to either age related changes causing pressure on the joints and soft tissues, lack of muscles strength around the hip structure or a more sporting based injury. Hip pain is very common in footballers as well as the older population, but for different reasons.

After a full consultation, and assessment Meriel will be able to diagnose what’s gone wrong and why and then tailor the right management strategy for you. In a small number of cases a referral back to the GP is needed to have a closer look at the hip joint either by x-ray or MRI.

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