Chiropractic at The Commonwealth Games

Chiropractic at The Commonwealth Games

In 2022 the commonwealth games came to the UK’s second largest city – Birmingham. As with all multi-sport events – behind the scenes there are medical teams supporting the athletes and coaches. Meriel was one of the first Chiropractors in Commonwealth History to work in the poly clinics dotted around Birmingham, looking after the athletes

16 chiropractors, Meriel being one of them, were selected to work as part of the interdisciplinary COPS team (Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Sports Massage) and were drafted in to 3 venues around the city to provide MSK care for the athletes, coaches and officials. Working alongside other professionals and state of the art technology – the athletes from around the commonwealth had access to a diverse msk workforce to cater for their every need.

There were 3 main venues that had Polyclinics which housed the wide range of medical staff – from nurses and radiologists, to pharmacists, sports doctors, and optometrists. There was also state of the art technology in the form of ultra-sound scanners and MRI’s – with radiographers, sonographers and radiologists at the helm.

Another 4 Chiropractors were involved in sonography and first response. This was also the first-time chiropractors (at any elite sporting event) were involved in field of play/pitch side management. Due to demand issues – these chiropractors were also able to work as chiropractors as well as their main role of first response, sonography, or field of play.

The games were a huge success and the integration of chiropractors into the workforce was very well received. A big thankyou to all the chiropractors involved. Especially those who have worked hard in the background and at elite sports in years gone by to get us to this point.

James, Meriel and Iain all worked at the CWG as a chiropractor here’s a summary of their experiences

“Meriel Davis, Brighton, UK

I was based at the NEC polyclinic. Here we had netball, weightlifting, power lifting, para-powerlifting, table tennis, para table tennis and badminton, boxing, to name but a few. I was able to immediately send athletes for an ultrasound scan or MRI scan where the results were returned in the same day. I learnt so much particularly from the radiologists and sports docs – it was invaluable. I also made long lasting friendships with some of the physios’ osteos and sports docs. The whole thing was a fantastic experience both personally and professionally”

“Iain Crombie – Exeter, UK

I was based at the games village in Birmingham. We had athletics, hockey, gymnastics and swimming. As chiropractors we were one of the busier COPS professions as a lot of the track and field athletes were based in the US, somewhere chiropractic is heavily utilised. The learning opportunities within the MDT were extensive I felt like the environment was great one to promote the benefit of chiropractic in an elite sporting environment”

James Powers, London UK

“Being part of the first Sports Chiropractors to be invited to treat athletes at the Common Wealth Games in Birmingham was an utter privilege. A wonderful experience where theory, practice and experience made my dream come through. The most memorable moment was not only the hands-on treatment of world class athletes from all sporting disciplines, but the comradery of each health care professional which I worked alongside. Sharing that common goal, that common love of helping athletes was almost tangible. So it’s a big THANK YOU to all those who made it possible at CWG 2022!”

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