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A Brighton and Hove chiropractor clinic focusing on a collaborative approach to healthcare in the form of chiropractic care. We are experts in spinal function with a special interest in sports injuries, but we treat people of all types. Patient centred, evidence based and multi-modal, Horizon Chiropractic is built on reputation and results.

The diagnosis and management of problems with muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons and their effect of the nervous system

‘Dry needling’ applied to areas of tension and stiffness to help relieve pain and improve motion. A great adjunct to chiropractic care

The use of a stainless steel tool over areas of pain and restriction to help improve pain levels and increase motion

Focused exercise prescription to strengthen areas which have recovered from injury. Used to reduce risk of re-injury

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Horizon Chiropractic is a Hove based clinic who’s signature ethos is to help you understand what is causing your pain and how to make it go away. We’ll take the time to listen but get you better as quickly and completely as possible.  We understand that when you need help, you need it quickly; so we’ll book you in at the nearest available slot that works for you. We want you to understand a bit more about how the human body works and how to take back control as we know what it’s like to be in discomfort.


We are a friendly, welcoming clinic who collaborate with local professionals to get you the results you want. We see a wide variety of clients from the more ‘normal’ person to the weekend warrior to the elite athlete. We are highly qualified, experienced and dynamic to your needs. We work closely with The Float Spa for relaxation and mindfulness. Come to say hello!


lifestyle ergonomics

Helping you change your environment at home/work to suit your body better

Education and knowledge

When you know what's wrong and how it got there, you're best placed to help reduce a relapse


Just off the seafront in Hove and easy to find a parking spot

Bespoke care

We work with you on a 1-2-1 basis, creating a package of care that suits your need specifically

Friendly and approachable

We love meeting new clients as well as catching up with our lovely regulars. It's a great place to work.

Yoga, floatation and massage

We're partnered with The Float Spa so feel free to take a look at a float pod or the yoga studio

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Latest News in the Chiropractic world

The Lancet publication March 2018

‘Chiropractors are well positioned to provide back care’

The Lancet series comes at an important time. With the recent attention given to the use of opioid prescriptions for non-cancer pain becoming a complex public health crisis, chiropractors are able to provide non-pharmaceutical care options in the management of back pain, neck pain and other joint and muscle problems for which opioids are often prescribed.

This paper recognises the use of medication in limited circumstances but also advises caution. It is great that the Lancet has produced such an important series of papers and we are proud to see two of chiropractic’s leading researchers Jan Hartvigsen and Alice Kongsted as contributing authors.

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